Emerging Talent Project
Arthur Cook


June 14, 2024


7:15 pm - 9pm


Good Times House - Ricos



About Emerging Talent Project

Join us for a live recording of Arthur Cook a young emerging local artist performing his own material influenced by new folk. We look forward to seeing you downstairs in Rico's for the recorded live interview followed by a Q&A and sample performance.


About Arthur Cook

Having studied music for over eight years, my overriding passion has, and always will be, the guitar. Upon listening to the great artists of the past, I have drawn huge inspiration from their playing / recordings, and as a result I have been fortunate enough to develop my dexterity on both the acoustic and electric guitar, all the while making sure to develop my own unique musical sound / sonic fingerprint. Music is a language through which I express my emotions, thoughts, and experiences. When I play, the guitar becomes an extension of myself, allowing me to convey feelings that words alone cannot capture. As I delve deeper into the world of songwriting, the power of storytelling through music becomes augmented, and it has become my primary means of self-expression. Over the years, I have dedicated myself to honing my instrumental and vocal skills and developing my musical understanding. I’ve explored a great variety of genres, my favourites being the blues as well as rock and folk / country music, and each has contributed to my musical growth. I’ve had the privilege of performing at local events and I am about to embark on studying music in higher education as a means to further develop my professionalism and musical craft, at Bath Spa University.