Mixology Masterclass
With Jake and Luke


August 9, 2024


18:45 - 21:00


Good Times House - Diana



Mixology Masterclass in Diana

Join our exclusive cocktail masterclass in Diana, where you'll learn the art of mixology from our expert bartenders. Discover the secrets behind crafting classic and contemporary cocktails, using premium ingredients and professional techniques. Whether you're a novice or a cocktail enthusiast, this hands-on experience will elevate your bartending skills and impress your friends. Enjoy a fun, interactive session, and savor the delicious drinks you create. Perfect for groups, special occasions, or anyone looking to shake up their cocktail repertoire. Cheers to mastering the perfect pour!


Meet The Team

With 16 years of collective experience, Jake and Luke have mastered the art of mixology and management in the finest establishments across the Cotswolds. From renowned hotels in Broadway to exclusive bars and restaurants in Cheltenham, their passion and creativity shines in every cocktail they make. Join them as they host you in a fantastic evening of fun and give you a taste of their expertise.